McCarthy's PhotoWorks | Cinematography


My field of expertise lays within the fields of still photography, and therefore I leave videography to experts such as Jean Pierre Gatt.
Jean Pierre Gatt and I go a long way back.  We met back in our teen years when we played in the same rock band together, and have been friends for the last 20 years or so...
Jean Pierre has worked at PictureBox MPS Ltd in Malta for the past 12 years. As a Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraman and AV editor, he has been  involved in a wide range of broadcast genres, including TV and radio  commercials, drama, documentary, short films, music videos and company  profiles. His International portfolio includes ork for Procter & Gamble, Arte TV -  Germany, Rai - Italy, Marston Smith - USA, Wrigley’s - Israel to mention a few.
His passion for cinematography has led him to be heavily involved in documentaries, music videos, short films and feature films both for local & international release. 
Therefore, if you also need professional videography on your big day, I suggest you drop Jean Pierre a line at