Great...hope you are still taking a picture and films are impressive and sensitive
William McCarthy(non-registered)
Great photos William,just to let you know we share the same name,and my grandfather was Maltise,got killed on a ship of the Falkland isles in the First World War, I now live in Australia.
The photos are so touching and they are all very much in relating with the reality of the world. The people and their situation everything in a right delivered way. All the photos are classic. You are alike a great professional photographer.

Stephen Mifsud(non-registered)
Astonishing professional photography - each photo is very well cared both during the snapshot and later in post-editing. Very artistic and in so many different subjects. I was impressed!
Christopher Sammut(non-registered)
Great work buddy
Great work William!! I especially love the fun wedding photos, the shoot with the girl infront of the window and the girl with the flowers :) Prosit!
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